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Strut Your Etymo-Lexico Stuff with a Mystudiyo Vocab Quiz

Just doinking around with Mystudiyo. They say they’ll never make me pay for this when they leave beta, which is cool – but I always wonder what will happen to this sort of work if the company goes out of business. Is all my labor lost?

That being said, I love the ease of use. [UPDATE: Two things: h/t to Steve Dembo for sharing this tool; and note that you can add their own quiz items to this quiz.]

Have at thee, geeky wordsmiths. Fastest guns score highest.

Mac Users: Have a Few Gigs of HD on Me (and Monolingual)

Just spreading the love to my fellow Mac users by sharing Monolingual, a free open source program that saved me 4Gb of hard drive by removing the hundreds of languages localized on all my software, and by stripping the PowerPC files from my Intel MacBook.  (If you have Adobe Creative Suite, you’ll easily save 2 or 3 gigs with a single click. Bloated with languages. Sorry, Cyrillic, you had to go.)

Be sure to run both the “Languages” and the “Architecture” programs.  And buy me a beverage the next time you see me.  Better still, donate a few bucks (or Yuan, or Quid ) to the folks who created this useful tool on the Sourceforge site.


Apture: Get it while it’s hot

[Apture rocks. Click the icon beside Shirky, and the one beside “addons”, and then click each of the icons that I loaded, and watch the magic. I don’t have to spell out how rich a tool this is for every use, educational and otherwise, you can think of, do I? It’s in invitation-only beta right now, so get over there and get it before it runs out. ***UPDATE: A nice person from the Apture team left a comment saying the invitations are out, BUT–if you send an email telling them you saw it on this post, they’ll make an exception for you. So leave a comment saying “I want one, please,” and we’ll try to make that happen. And don’t I feel special? :-) ]

Sitting in my Hong Kong hotel, dinking instead of reading more of the Shirky I bought today. Dinking, particularly, with Apture. To demonstrate its usefulness, I’m going to share a few lesser-known Firefox/Flock addons I’ve installed on my new MacBook this week.  Just click the little icon and see how Apture works.

A screenshot of the Apture popup and search editor (click image for large view):

apture screenshot