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Voltaire on Superstition, Suicide, and Murder

The superstitious man is his own executioner; and he is the executioner of all who do not agree with him.
Voltaire – ON SUPERSTITION – Toleration and Other Essays

What I love about this line is its first clause. In what way does superstition make us our own executioners? The second clause is easy enough to get: the murderer of Dr. Tiller for performing abortions, of gays for being gay, of Americans by Al Qaeda; the Crusades, Thirty Years War, Inquisition, on and on. That stuff’s elementary. But what’s Voltaire getting at in that first part?

Maxim: “Give Me a Unit I’ll Learn for a Day…”

Give me a schooly unit, I’ll make an ‘A’ for a day. Teach me how to make a Personal Learning Network, I’ll learn for a lifetime.

–from a comment I left on David Warlick’s riff off my podcast conversation with Chris Craft yesterday.  Exciting times.