Emperor, Clothes, Boy–Krugman Tribute

Long time, no see. I’m just way, way, way too interested and too deeply down the 5,000-year well of Chinese history and culture to be able to write these days–especially about tech, which others are doing just fine about, and which by now would feel like writing about electricity 20 years after it was invented. I’m also feeling a bit cautious about free speech as a teacher: in this age of diminishing employment and rising witch-hunts, the sane aren’t safe in their jobs.

So thank goodness for Paul Krugman, whose Nobel surely keeps him free of fears of poverty. He can speak freely just fine, and does so in the finest style imaginable. The tribute video to him below gives great background, and features one of my favorite song-writers, Loudon Wainwright III, in its soundtrack singing the “Paul Krugman Blues.” Here’s one of Loudon’s cynically catchy best:

Enjoy. I hope to be back one day to when I return from The Well. Until then, zaijian.

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