How to “Smart Mob” against Creationism in Textbooks (video)

Picture this: enterprising students in cities in Texas, particularly, and other cities nationwide – along with counterparts in Romania, which just mandated a Creationism-only science curriculum (I kid you not), and maybe Turkey, for good measure – organize Smart Mobs to strike, peacefully and simultaneously, out of the blue to demand only 21st century science – yes, I mean evolution – be included in their biology and other science textbooks.

And they do it quickly, before Texas’ Creationist-dominated Board of Education votes next Spring to insert Creationism yet again into its science standards. (See this post.)

They happen at such places as the Texas capitol building, the lobbies of textbook publishers’ headquarters, science museums, the national capitol, and wherever else seems like a good idea.

And they simply follow the steps of this excellent video (h/t to the Personal Democracy Forum):

And, because they’re good, peaceful citizens showing the will and responsibility to act for the education they deserve, the students who organize these events (more than once, please) include this as a bullet on their college application, to show that they’re more original and more consequential than the herd that joins the schooly National Honor Society and such. And the admissions officers at the best colleges see that bullet, and place their applications in the acceptance pile.

And they live actively and powerfully ever after.

If Obama’s doing it, kids, maybe it’s something you should consider as worth your time to learn. It might just help your future more than a couple hundred extra points on your SAT.

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7 thoughts on “How to “Smart Mob” against Creationism in Textbooks (video)”

  1. Wow. Every human in Romania needs to read Dubner & Levitt’s Freakonomics. This seems like a massively-ignorant move approaching the level of Ceausescu’s reform of abortion laws.

    The book makes a really solid case for the fact that his total and complete ban on all forms of abortion ultimately led to the creation of a generation of kids with terribly substandard human care. …the very same generation that publicly executed him.

    Anyway- cool video and appropriate post.


    Sean Nashs last blog post..Inspire First, Instruct Later

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