Apture: Get it while it’s hot

[Apture rocks. Click the icon beside Shirky, and the one beside “addons”, and then click each of the icons that I loaded, and watch the magic. I don’t have to spell out how rich a tool this is for every use, educational and otherwise, you can think of, do I? It’s in invitation-only beta right now, so get over there and get it before it runs out. ***UPDATE: A nice person from the Apture team left a comment saying the invitations are out, BUT–if you send an email telling them you saw it on this post, they’ll make an exception for you. So leave a comment saying “I want one, please,” and we’ll try to make that happen. And don’t I feel special? :-) ]

Sitting in my Hong Kong hotel, dinking instead of reading more of the Shirky I bought today. Dinking, particularly, with Apture. To demonstrate its usefulness, I’m going to share a few lesser-known Firefox/Flock addons I’ve installed on my new MacBook this week.  Just click the little icon and see how Apture works.

A screenshot of the Apture popup and search editor (click image for large view):

apture screenshot

11 thoughts on “Apture: Get it while it’s hot”

  1. Clay,

    Thanks for the spotlight on Apture, and welcome to the Apture Community! Your Apture windows here are some of the most creative and helpful I’ve seen on the web. We love to get early-adopter feedback, so send us an email to feedback@apture.com with anything you think we should add, change or improve.

    For all of Clay’s readers, due to overwhelming response, our beta invite system is now closed. If you really, really, really want Apture, please send me an email and reference this blog post, and I can manually approve your account.


    Developer Advocate/ Community Outreach

  2. I have played with Apture on one of my blogs too, and also used it successfully on one of my wikispaces pages as well. I plan to use it next year with my classes as well and on more of my blog posts. It is a great tool and so easy to use!

    I am also a site reviewer for Teacher’s First and did a review of the tool here.

    Louise Maines last blog post..For a few days…I am unplugged…

  3. Not bad Clay. Shall check it out. Hope the interface allows for more user control. I am an old fan of a HCI that allows you to decide when the popup appears.
    Cheers, John

  4. Thanks for the tip–I’ve been lurking on your site for a while, and have very much enjoyed your thoughts. I’m currently working with two other teachers at my school to develop new ways of integrating technology in a somewhat-Luddite environment, and cruising through your archives is proving quite useful.

  5. Thanks for that, Elliot. The archives are all experiments, some more successful than others, but nobody said this stuff would be easy :)

  6. It is great isn’t it Clay?!? I am playing around with it on my own blog and am very much looking forward to using it in the fall on my class website. Apture looks like a promising tool for both my students and their parents.

    I am happy to have found your site and look forward to perusing your archives in the coming days… :)

    Erics last blog post..Apture: Another Tool to Use

  7. Glad you like it, Eric. It certainly adds to both information richness and easy usability. Too bad it doesn’t work in RSS readers, though (which is almost a perennial complaint of mine 😉 ).

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