Students 2.0 Edublog Pre-Launch: Help Spread the Splash

First, a completely original video and music production by a few high-speed students around the world – specifically for you as their audience:


This is a special post for me, and a special request to you. I hope you’ll find it as exciting as I do. It has the potential to create fairly seismic effects, over time, in the edublogosphere – by elevating student edubloggers.

I have watched this handful of impressive students young adults from around the world working tirelessly for the last three weeks on an endless Skype chat to prepare the launch of the new Students 2.0 edublog. And I’ve been amazed at how much more they know than any adult I know about many things technical and pedagogical.

As you can see in the badge above (hand-designed, and with an automagic surprise when the countdown clock strikes zero), they’re ready to launch in three (see countdown badge) days. They would like that launch date to make the splash such an evolution of the edublogosphere deserves – and they’d like your help.

How? Any (or all) of four simple actions would be nice:

1. Write a post announcing the launch date, and embed the video and badge above in your post. Get the badge here and support them by spreading the word!

2. Embed the smaller widget-sized badge (150 x 92) in your sidebar.

3. Mobilize your networks – Ning, Twitter, and all the rest – to spread the word, and ask them to also do steps 1 and 2 above.

4. Bookmark the site on with the tag “education” – help them make the “most popular posts” page!

They want a groundswell built before the launch, in short.

The staff writers and editors of Students 2.0 are serious about maintaining high quality standards for content and design. They believe we adults will give them a listen, a read, and more than one comment in conversations of equal quality.

So please take a minute in this busy week to give them a hand, and help the edublogosphere evolve into a more student-centered discourse.

34 thoughts on “Students 2.0 Edublog Pre-Launch: Help Spread the Splash”

  1. Clay,

    You can be sure that I will promote this among the people I know. This is typical of the meaningful work that you do with your students. Where I am, we are trying to instill the type of aggressive reflection and inquiry into lesson design and the craft of teaching that you demonstrate. The results of doing such reflection are indisputable.

    I’ll put a post up about this today on both blogs, and hopefully we can push this out beyond just the edublog community.

    Great stuff.

  2. Clay,

    I watched the video when I saw Arthus’s Twitter and will do the post and badge tonight.

    Students 2.0 are an impressive group, and I look forward to reading their blog. I’ll certainly be promoting it at my school – maybe send a message to our BOCES Listserv.

    Tip of the hat to you too, Godfather, for helping to get this project rolling!


  3. Clay,

    I’ll be glad to help. I’m so excited about this project, and think this will be truly powerful for all of us involved!

    Kudos to you and to all the students involved for the idea! Truly, you will be advancing our understanding, and the power of shared voices can make such a real difference.


  4. First of all I would like to congratulate you that you are doing a very good job with your students. People don’t really think that way. You are a special person for me that who is doing great things. Keep it Up!

  5. Wow, thanks all. I’m so excited about the work these people are doing, and the new perspectives it should open, that I can’t sit still.

    Thanks to all of you for seeing it too, and helping to move the ball forward :)

  6. Regina, I just went to your technology class blog and tried to leave a comment, but couldn’t.

    I hope you get this so we can talk about possibly aligning my students in Seoul next semester (January) with yours. I have a 10-student writing workshop elective that I’d be very willing to align with what you’re already doing. I love what I see.


    And where are you, anyway?

    Thanks again :)

  7. I added the badge to my blog. I’ll look forward to watching the count down and reading the student’s work. Great video and loved the bass player’s music!

  8. To everybody who has helped this launch: thank you. You’re incredible. You have shown the students 2oh group the power of the network, the web, and more importantly, the good will of educators worldwide.

    Their site made the delicious hotlist front page within 4 hours of the “authentic digital marketing campaign” they designed.

    They made delicious “popular” within 3 hours.

    Media Snackers noticed and did a feature post with Sean’s video.

    It’s wonderful – thanks to you all.

  9. More power to guys!

    They’re about to come to rock the world!!!

    Hope you can have a Filipino blogger as well to be part of your journey in spreading the student’s echoes!!

  10. Scott my man, we can check that one off of our wish-list, after birthing that idea together back in June or so. You’re a godfather of s2oh too, and my archives prove it.

    Really good to see you back, “Rip.” Any readers who don’t subscribe to your blog are missing out on one hell of a writer and philosopher – and on the acquaintance with one fine joe.

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